Who is Unforgiven?

Lucas Brown ~ Lead Singer

David Marston ~ Lead Guitar

Jimmy Fader ~ Drummer

Lin Holbrook ~ Bass Guitar

Elwood McLlarky ~ Guitar 

Lucas was tapping the ivory at an early age, taught by his grandmother. At 16 he began his transition to Unforgiven's singer even though that wasn't the original plan. He practices martial arts, produces exquisite photography and videos, enjoys fishing, and riding his motorcycle. 

While he loves producing music, he works as a paraprofessional and helps at the dojo at night. 

His favorite snack is Kettle Cooked Chips but shhhh.....don't tell anyone. 

Jimmy is a rare breed. An elusive species that plays by his own rules. He followed in his father's footsteps and learned to play drums; his interest intensified at the age of ten. He loves to work on old cars in his free time and is a machinist by day. Unforgiven is Jimmy's peace and his getaway from the stress of life. When it's snack time he reaches for Snyder's cheddar cheese pretzel pieces.

Lin (Mykalya) Holbrook is the jewel of Unforgiven. The band is her family and her wit and talent puts the boys in their place. She named her first bass Henry. At her day job she is a grill monkey at a sub shop but she also plays mmos, does crocheting, reads comics and "builds worlds for stories she'll never write". 

Her favorite snack is garlic bread but she also thinks Lucas is a snack. 

        Elwood is the last but not least addition to Unforgiven. He loves spending time with his kids and he coaches boxing & fitness.

       He says he joined Unforgiven, "to avoid a mid-life crisis". Always good for a laugh. His first memories of playing guitar were with his grandfather at 6 years old. 

       Elwood's favorite snack: gummy bears, not gummy worms, gummy bears. 

Its every teenage guitarist's dream to be part of a band. While most just dream, David was determined to make it a reality. Starting to play at 10 years old after seeing a close family friend and his cousin (shout out to Huxley), his passion grew. His day job (for now) consists of RV technician and working on a horse farm. He enjoys fishing, riding his motorcycle, and fucking. At snack time he reaches for anything potato.